ofuro in freezing weather

Hello- I am a landscape architect in NY city. I have a client that wants a Japanese soaking tub on his roof deck. I love your work. What product and sizing will work in the NY environment with hot summers and freezing winter?

As you can imagine, an ofuro used outdoors ages more quickly that an ofuro used indoors.

Of course if it is installed properly and used regularly it will not crack, but it will show some stains and some discoloration after some years.

As per described in our maintenance pack: (https://www.bartokdesign.com/japan/downloads/110902maintenance-description.pdf)

1) you should avoid direct sunlight exposure – especially when the tub is empty –

This can be obtained with awnings etc. and you mentioned the location can be shaded easily.

2) another potential problem comes from the freezing temperatures. Once the air temperature freezes, the relative humidity also drops. There are 3 days to avoid dehydration of the ofuro in these conditions:

a) lift up and move the ofuro in a penthouse or similar during the winter

b) use a spa thermal cover

c) keep water inside the ofuro at all times during the cold season (at temperature above 5 deg. centigrade)

Being wood a natural material, there are no 100% valid rules, it is mostly a matter of keeping balanced conditions.

A common way to proceed is that you let me know the sizes/image of the ofuro you are looking for so we can provide a quotation/drawing and we can start from there for modifications/alternative quotations as necessary.

We are looking forward to working with you and remain at you disposal for any question/problem.

With Best regards,

iacopo torrini