ofuro details page

We are ready to proceed with the tub but have a few more questions. Does it need a copper apron? What’s the iron for? What are the dowels? Will it survive out doors in NYC Acid rain etc?

Please note:
1) apron:

we can provide both copper apron and oil treatment for the tub bottom.
Copper makes it very resilient also as per the english saying…

2) iron brand:
This is our logomark applied with a hot-seal.
If you prefer we can omit it.

3) dowels:
they are wood pegs to conceal the stainless steel screws that reinforce the corners.

4) outdoors use:
please purchase a custom made thermal cover in the US.
The ofuro needs to be protected while not in use not just from the acid rain but especially from direct sunlight exposure.
When the ofuro is full of water there is no problem, but while it is empty it is vulnerable to dehydration which may lead to dryness damage and cracks.

Please refer to the INFO -> DETAILS AND OPTIONS menu for a comprehensive list of our standard details and feel free to contact me for any other question or problem.