ocean freight Vs. air freight

Thank you very much for this information. I have three questions.

1) Your plans call for a copper apron. Is there concern about the copper oxidizing and staining the floor? This will be installed in a room with both steam and a shower, so the outside will get wet frequently. If the copper could stain the floor is there an option to construct the ofuro without the copper apron? Will this change the cost of construction?

2) Your price quote is for air freight. We do not need the ofuro for many months, so slower freight is OK. This would be better because the air freight costs are too high for us. Can you provide a quote with ocean freight?

3) How do I pay import duties to the United States, and are these required even for a personal purchase? I have never imported anything myself so do not know how to do it. Any website you can send me with more information would be helpful.

Please note:

1) Yes, the copper will turn green anyway it does not drip a staining color.
There is another wooden joist between the copper and the floor.
Also, we never had problems and complaints about the floor becoming stained.
If you are worried about this, we can provide an oil finish instead of the copper apron.

2) In the case of the USA, ocean freight is actually more expensive for a package of this size.
(many fixed costs for loading, devanning etc. independent of the transit fee which is of course cheap)
Also, in the case of the USA, for ocean freight, the consignee has to have an import license.
So you would have to contact a local forwarder to do the import procedures on your behalf and this of course adds to the cost.

3)About the duty, in the case of the USA it is 3.2% (on top of the sales tax) but we do not have a way to establish the precise amount in advance.
We are planning to use DHL for this shipment.
They will contact you at the time of the customs clearance anyway you can also contact them directly in advance for information.

DHL USA Customer Service;
Tel:  1-800-225-5345

Please let me know of any other questions.