advice about size

Hello, I am interested in ordering an ofuro tub. I believe the 1100×700 will work best, but would like to get your advice. Thank you.

Thank you for your interest in our japanese bathtubs!

The size of a bathtub is a very personal business and it is difficult to provide all-mighty advice.

Note that usually compact sizes like the one that you are selecting work very well because Japanese tubs are deeper which means that the hydro-static push will lift not only your legs and lower body but also the less dense upper body and chest. As a result, you will feel like floating instead of sitting.

To determine the size of the ofuro, we recommend to our customers to create a mockup (using cardboard boxes, or maybe the space between the back of the sofa and a wall etc.) to simulate the space inside the ofuro and imagine sitting in it.

Also, I suggest also making the calculation of the number of gallons of hot water required to fill it up and consult with your plumber to verify the compatibility with your HW system.

About the quotation, please let us know your address so we can provide the total cost, inclusive of shipping charges.

We are looking forward to working with you and remain at your disposal for any question/problem.