choose? the drain socket

Thank you Iacopo,
We are interested in proceeding!
Which drain plug would you recommend?

For the drain plug, we only have one type (chrome plated socket with rubber plug/ball chain)
It all depends on your site conditions and plumbing method you choose.

If you want to connect to a drain pipe we can provide a female/female flange (long type)

If you want to discharge directly on the floor and have all the bathoom area (or part of it) waterproofed and with a floor drain (japanese style) then the short type is recommended.

Finally, if you want to use other drain sockets (brass color, black color, popup plug etc.) you can ask your plumber to replace it. It is a 5 minutes job, just be aware that wood is thicker than acryl or castiron so most of the socket on the market do not fit or need to be adapted. Not a big deal but just something that has to be kept in mind.