certifications 2

The shipper told us that the customs may require what they called a PHYTO Certificate. It was explained to me to be a declaration by the producer of the imported goods which type of wood the product is made of, that the wood used was not treated by any dangerous chemical substance and that it is free from pests. Have you heard of such a requirement before?

As the tub is a manufactured wood product, you should not be required for a Phyto certificate. Anyway we will be glad to supply a declaration stating the origin, treatments and properties of the lumber we employ. Please see here a sample -> PHYTO CERTIFICATE

ADDED 2009/3/12
In recent years there there has been a strenghtening of the rules concerning packaging (crates, boxes). Shipments to Australia, China should be done in non coniferous wood crates otherwise they will be fumigated.
On the other hand, shipments to California cannot use plywood crates due to a very recent restriction on products containing formaldheide.
In any case, we receive constant updates from our forwarder so you will not have to worry about this matter.