approx cost for sushi counter

I am interested in a custom hinoki sushi bar counter ( 21’x2′) for a restaurant. I would like to find out a rough estimate (cost of the item as well as shipping, tax, etc). Please let me know.
Thank you!
Thank you for your inquiry!
Are you looking for a counter in solid lumber or veneered?
Let me give you a rough idea about the 2 options.
1) solid counter (imagine a sushi bar in Tokyo Ginza…):
it is difficult to find lumber to match exactly the request.
You would have to cut the length or the width which is a waste.
Usually designers look for a lumber of a size close to the request and then match the design of the shop.
For your reference a lumber 20 Ft. long would be around 8-10 million jpy .

2 ) laminated counter covered with hinoki thick veneer(5mm).
In this case of course we can make a counter to match your sizes (maximum length is 22Ft.) in this case the cost would be about 3 million JPY.

We are looking forward to working with you and remain at your disposal for any question/problem.