Spring Outlet Tub (sold out)

sorry, SOLD OUT
New outlet tub for the spring!
Note the beautiful color gradation of the planks of hinoki wood giving the tub a natural look. This compact size tub is great for one person. It also as slightly more depth for you to soak up to your chin.
Here are the details:
Kiso hinoki ofuro.
SIZE: L1100mm x W700mm x H680mm (external
dimensions) 605mm(depth) knotless natural Hinoki bathtub
1) AB grade tub (quarter sawn) : 428,000 JPY
2) Packaging: 1250x850x880 wood box: 31,000. JPY
3) Shipping: Please send us your exact address for a shipping quotation. Either by air or by sea.
For the payment, we accept Credit cards thru PAYPAL or contact us for wire transfer information to our bank account in Japan.
soaking tub
back side of the tub, it also has a copper apron.
Click here to download a drawing of the tub in acrobat format.
Spring outlet ofuro
The smooth and pristine interior of the tub.

spring outlet ofuro side
Side view of the tub