Outlet tub for westerners (sold out)

* * * sorry, sold out * * *

wood tub
This tub has comfortable proportions and is perfect for a tall person.
Of course it can be used by two people sitting facing each-other.
A step/bench is also part of the set. It can be used for easier ingress/egress from the tub or for changing/relaxing after the bath.
Here are the details:
SIZE: L1600mm x W800mm x H635mm (externa dimensions) 550mm(depth)
QUALITY: knotless natural Hinoki bathtub.
1) AB grade tub (quarter sawn) : 695,000. JPY
2) Hinoki step stool 700 x 300 x 200H: 33,000. JPY
3) Packaging: 1750x950x840 wood box: 42,000. JPY
4) Shipment: please let us know your full address so we can take a quote (ocean or air freight)
(Or contact us for payment thru wire transfer to our bank account in Japan.)
download the drawing in acrobat format: outlet090407.pdf
front side (with wooden plate saying “KISO VALLEY HINOKI” )
Japanese bath
back side
Japanese tub bottom
view from bottom
ofuro bench