round ofuro for singapore

Our client asked for a couple of quotations for different sizes and shapes.
But I had the feeling he would come back to the first choice: a stunning round soaking tub with circular bench. I imagine when installed it will look like a genuine professional spa!

Asnaro wood round tub AB-grade /with internal seat
Dimensions are: D1400mm x H700mm (ext. dim.) 590mm (deep) .
The straps are made of twisted stainless steel wire.
Accessories include a stool, ladle and a floor mounted spout.


Let`s get closer… Can you imagine the overwhelming yet delicate scent when it is filled with hot water?


You can alternate sitting on the tub bottom with periods sitting on the internal for resting and cooling down.


In this case, a faucet is directly mounted inside the spout column for easy installation and simple maintenance.