remodeling in France

At the end of march we received a mail from a nice French couple.
They are planning a complete remodeling of their house and would like to use a japanese wooden bath for their bathroom.
At first they choose an oval tub so they could place it diagonally and enjoy the view out of the window.
They planned to use a duckboard for the floor, then they adjusted the plan and accessories a couple of times before going back to the original idea.
We could feel their excitement, worries and a lot of passion for their home renovation project.
Here are some pictures of the tub and accessories:


The tub is made in Sawara wood AB grade (quarter sawn).
Option: stainless steel metal straps
Dimensions are: L930mm x W630mm x H740mm (ext. dim.)
The tub is equipped with a cover split in two halves.
A shot from the back with the spout ready to pour steamy water inside the tub…


And here is a picture of the interior with the fixed seat