We made a similar tub for a californian client in 2009.
His mother apparently likes the tub too so we received another order: same shape, same size, same material.

There is one problem though: the double slanted tub we made in 2009 was a hit. It was published on an american interior design magazine and was featured in a japanese TV program.
The wood knots pattern -unpredictable by nature- was very well balanced: powerful and refined at the same time.

The problem is this: can we make a tub with a knot pattern that is at least as nice as the son’s?
We do not want to be the cause of family jealousy…

But yes: the miracle happened twice! The tub is as beautiful (if not even more) as the 2009 one: compare yourself.
What do you think? Feel free to use the comments field below to share your thoughts.

Here below are the specs of the tub:

material: natural Japanese Hinoki cypress K grade bathtub (knotty)
sizes: L1320mm x W685mm x H660mm (ext. dim.) 546mm (deep)
details: nat. oil apron, wood dowels. Iron brand at front side top-right