fast track tub for the UK

We received a kind and neat mail contact on 12/2, which we promptly replied.
On 12/10 the details were defined and we received the pre-payment.
The tub was completed on 12/24, the client requested a small modification to the chain holding the rubber plug and we shipped it on 12/27.
This order was really a sprinter, rapid and efficient!


But this tub is not only quick, it is a sleek Asnaro AB grade (quartersawn) wooden bathtub. sizes are:
L900mm x W700mm x H750mm (ext. dim.) 617mm(deep).
The bottom apron is finished with natural oil and the joints are capped with wooden dowels.
There is an internal seat in matching asnaro wood.


Finally, here is a picture of the interior with the removable bench. The drain is hardly visible because it is hidden under the seat.
We can say this tub was a sprinter, but I am sure that the owner will slow down and fully enjoy the relaxing time with the hot water up to the shoulders!