elegant ofuro for Rome

This tub will be employed in an apartment renovation in Rome. I saw the pictures of the present typical western style bathroom and I am looking forward to the metamorphosis into a clean design japanese wet room.
The client also took in consideration a deeper tub, but finally opted for the classic module for this size tubs: 2 shaku (about 2 feet or 60cm)


Hinoki wood tub AB grade (straight cut)
Dimensions are: L1100mm x W700mm x H690mm (ext. dim.) 600mm (deep) .
The bottom of the tub is finished with a copper apron and the joints are realized with wooden dowels.
Accessories include a sunoko floor grating and japanese wooden bucket&stool

The tub has an internal bench and to offer the possibility to orient it left or right, the iron brand was applied on both front and back.


Photos of the interior, smooth as a baby`s cheek…


You can even see the drain fitting reflected in the polished wood of the interior walls!