tomato salad

Do you know the ingredients for a good tomato salad?
Of course tomatoes. Then dressing?
Or layer with mozzarella cheese and top with oil and oregano?
You can also enjoy tomatoes with onion and tuna, or garlic and feta cheese.
But we have our own favorite recipe: cut tomatoes.

Did you know that italians call tomatoes “pomodoro”, literally golden pommel.
It is often used as a symbol of the energy of the sun, which makes it grow, shining and red.
We invite you to try to enjoy these simple, sincere tomatoes “nature”: with an oriental touch.

How does it work?

  1. Find some medium size cherry tomato, not too ripe and not too green.
  2. Then cut them on a hinoki wood cutting board.
  3. Let it on the board for few minutes, so the tomato can absorb the delicate forest scent of the hinoki wood
  4. Add few granes of marine salt