the carp and the cutting board

There is a saying in japan:
“It is like the carp on the cutting board”
(koi ni manaita)
It is used to mean that somebody is at the mercy the another party.
It is not sure that the carp is going to become a sashimi or not…
Anyway there is nothing that the carp can do and only has to passively wait for its destiny…

Do you want to be like a carp on the cutting board?
If not, take action!

Do not let your poor knives dull their blades on a plastic cutting board.
Also, you do not want to give free reign to bacteria build up in a traditional end-grain wooden board…

So, set aside your passive attitude in the kitchen and purchase one of our hinoki wood cutting boards! They come in 3 sizes, all gentle on the knives and safe on the foods thanks to the power of hinoki germicidal qualities.