“TAKI” hinoki sink


In the past years, we produced several hinoki sinks (order made) but never had a standard product to offer.

We are proud to present our new hinoki sink: “TAKI”!
“Taki” means “waterfall” in japanese: as you can see from the pictures, there is a hinoki plank on which the water widens and flows, like a miniature … Niagara Falls.

The plank has also the function of hiding the drain. and can be easily removed for cleaning.

“TAKI” has a very simple and minimalist design. It can be mounted on a counter and because it has a flat bottom, it can hide the installation of the previous sink – if you are just renovating.

The original concept involved inserting a recessed light (waterproof type) on the back, under the oblique “waterfall” plank.

Anyway, as it is very easy to implement this detail on-site, we preferred to leave it as an option, also considering it will be easier and stress-free for you to use lighting fixtures available in your country and have more freedom in adding a light controller, remote controller, sensor etc.

Out of stock


Here below are the dimensions:
D 500mm (19 3/4″ ) x W 640mm (25 1/4″) x H 200mm (7 5/8″) – ext. dimensions
Japanese Hinoki wood AB grade sink (quartersawn)

price: 320,000. JPY (includes the drain fitting)
(packaging and shipping: non included)

please specify your address etc. so we can provide a quotation.
Of course, it would fit inside an ofuro so if you purchase together there would be no extra cost for packaging/shipping.

NOTE: we have currently 2 units in stock. 
If you are not in a hurry, we can also customize the size for you.

Additional information

Shipping options

minimalist stool + air mail to USA ¥29,900 JPY, minimalist stool+ air mail to ASIA ¥22,700 JPY, minimalist stool + air mail to EUROPE,CANADA,OCEANIA ¥27,600 JPY, minimalist stool + air mail to S.AMERICA/AFRICA ¥31,600 JPY


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