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help us promote our real hinoki wood cutting board, the secret of all sushi chefs and win big (you and us!)

sales bullets:

  • you earn 10% commission for each sale of cutting boards as well as on all purchases from the shop \(^o^)/) so generate your affiliate link and spread the secret to your tribe!
  • If you manage to generate at least one sale, I will send you a cutting board to test / take photos / smell out etc. for free (of course besides your commission!)
  • top quality hinoki (Kiso valley), old growth, quarter sawn,

tips for marketing:

  • knives blades become dull if you use on plastic, marble, or other hard materials, but wood is soft enough to prevent damaging the blade.
  • normal cutting boards are very anti-igenic because bacteria proliferate in the micro scratches caused by the blade.
    You may feel the board is hard enough to prevent being notched but actually even a shallow scratch can contain millions of micro-organisms. In contrast, hinoki boards do get scratched but the lips of the scratch will close again and the strong bactericidal power of the resins and hinokitiol contained in the wood sanitizes the board instantly!
  • of course Japan lovers, travelers, expats, manga maniacs, sushi enthusiasts are ideal customers.
  • requested equally by men and women. No special age group.
  • the logo is on 2 sides (left and right) to allow the perfect shooting angle!
  • The kit has a sleek design and YES! it is a perfect gift idea!
  • check this page for more information:

…enjoying life, japanese style!

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any problem or question.
Let`s be successful together!

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Final note:

we would like to collaborate cheek to cheek! Please drop a line if you have any question!!

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