affiliate tools for “GYO”


all you need to know to promote the ultimate relaxation kit and win big (you and us!)

sales bullets:

  • you earn about 10 USD for each sale (10% of the product sale price which is ranging from 7500 JPY to 11,000 JPY)
    (in the video it says 25% but I cannot pay this amount anymore due to increased costs. on the other hand I am extending your 10% commission on all purchases from the shop \(^o^)/) so generate your affiliate link and get in the cookie of your tribe!
  • if you need one kit to test / take photos / smell out etc. I will send one for free ( limited supply so please hurry!)
  • the product is original, so no competition, fresh messages etc.
  • affiliate link will give you right to 10% of commission on all purchases that are made on our site through your link!

tips for marketing:

  • people who use bubble baths, bath salts etc. are FLOWING THEIR MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN! -> “GYO” is reusable, long lasting and completely natural!
  • of course Japan lovers, travelers, expats, manga maniacs, sushi enthusiasts are ideal customers.
  • requested equally by men and women. No special age group.
  • People into the martial arts (Karate, Judo, Kendo) and people working out (yoga, fitness, dance, body-building) will appreciate this product for deep relaxation and to wipe away body odor.
  • The kit can be also used with other essential oils (rose, lavender, musk, vanilla, you name it!)
  • The kit has a sleek design and YES! it is a perfect gift idea!

…enjoying life, japanese style!

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any problem or question.
Let`s be successful together!

whatsapp/phone: (+81)90-8205-1200
LINE: iax12

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product page: (don`t forget to generate your affiliate link!)

Final note:

we would like to collaborate cheek to cheek! Please drop a line if you have any question!!

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