Sakazuki (sake cup thin type) Heishi family crest BLACK


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Thin type of sakazuki was used for ceremonies with the oldest thing.        (diameter)100mm  (3 15/16″)   (H)35mm (1 3/8″)


It is an item to be able to display as an art object.

Tairano Kiyomori was the head of the Taira clan in the 1150 until his death in 1181, and an extremely influential and powerful figure at Court for much of that period.   He came to dominate court politics, both through political marriages and other means, becoming the de facto ruler of the State for over two decades, suppressing the power of the Emperors, and having reigning emperors as, essentially, puppet rulers.   His rise to power marks the beginning of the rise of samurai power, and the end of direct Imperial rule.

Along Minamotono Yoshitomo, he led Emperor Shirakawa’s forces to victory in the Hôgen Disturbance of 1156, and then led the Taira clan to victory again in 1159, crushing Yoshitomo, who had become his rival for power, in the Heiji Disturbance. Through both of these victories, Kiyomori gained and then secured considerable power, becoming one of the “senior nobles”.

Kiyomori is also associated with a number of prominent religious and cultural establishments. After becoming governor of Aki province, he oversaw the reconstruction of Itsukushima Shrine. Kiyomori was also involved in the construction of the Sanjûsangendô in Kyoto, which was completed in 1164.

Kiyomori fell ill in 1168 and formally retired from official service. He retained considerable power and influence, however.

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