The Bartok Design Guide to Sleep

The health benefits of a good night’s sleep are unrefuted. People who sleep well are proven to live longer, gain less weight, concentrate better and are generally happier.

By adding a bath to your evening ritual you can set yourself up for the perfect night of rest.


Read our tips for maximum benefit.

A hot bath has many advantages over a shower. Fully immersing your body in hot water improves blood circulation. There is even new research that suggests that a hot bath can help reduce blood pressure and improve cardiovascular function.

Aside from the physical benefits of relaxing tired muscles, a bath is beneficial mentally. If you’re lucky enough to have a hinoki bath you’ll realize extra benefits. Hinoki is calming and relaxing. Hinoki aroma relieves anxiety. It is also said to positively affect the unconscious nervous system which has huge health benefits. If you don’t have a hinoki bath you can try adding your favourite essential oil to your regular bath instead. Buy our hinoki oil sets here.

The water temperature should be between 38 to 40 degrees Celsius (86 -104°F) and filled up to chest level. It is recommended that you firmly immerse your shoulders for part of the time (but not the entire time if you have a weak heart). Remain in the bath for 15-30 minutes.

Don’t forget to rehydrate after a hot bath with a cool drink, preferably water or something caffeine-free. You should feel quite sleepy when you emerge from the bath so head to bed quickly afterwards and enjoy your restful night.

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