hinoki slanted bathtubs in resort hotel

Few years ago we shipped a tub to Hawaii.
I remembered they were planning to finish the area around the tub with river stones.
Yesterday, a client was looking for a similar solution, so I tried to check the homepage to see if they had a picture of the tub installed.

And yes, there it is…

hawaii resort bath

Copyright of the picture by Four Seasons Resort.

You can find another idea of a tub buried in river stones here:


Copyright of the picture by Zimbio

Stretch your legs outlet tub – sold out –

sorry, sold out!

Following the positive response we received for of our last outlet tub “Warm shoulders”, we decided to build a similar tub, just a little longer and wider.
This tub is slightly shallower than the previous one, anyway given it is longer and you can extend your legs it is perfect for enjoying a deep soak bath.

By saving some material on the tub depth, we are able to offer a larger tub than the previous one — at the same price !!! (*^_^*)


Of course also this is spotless and brand new. We can offer at a discount price because we used material we had in stock without loss.

Here are the details:

size: L1350mm x W800mm x H590mm (external
dimensions) 505mm(depth)
quality: knotless natural Asnaro bathtub.

1) AB grade tub (quarter sawn) : 360,000. JPY
2) Packaging: 1550x1000x800 wood box: 40,000. JPY
3) Pick up and delivery to Tokyo port or Narita air port: 10,000 JPY

For the payment, we accept Credit cards thru PAYPAL or contact us for wire transfer information to our bank account in Japan.


The tub has a minimalist design, is equipped with a copper apron and the joints are finished with wooden dowels.

Click here: (hot tub drawing) to download it in acrobat format.


interior of the tub.

ofuro for a tribeca loft

In this case all the details were discussed with a local interior designer. They considered different options but eventually returned to the first idea: a simple, minimalist box with elegant golden-ratio proportion. The material is of course hinoki: noble, delicate and pure.


Hinoki wood tub AB grade (quarter sawn)
Dimensions are: L1100mm x W700mm x H690mm (ext. dim.) 600mm (deep) .
The bottom of the tub is finished with a copper apron and the joints are realized with wooden dowels.
We also provided a custom bench, only 254mm deep to perfectly fit the bathroom space.


The side view is even more elegant!


The pristine interior. It looks even more welcoming when the tub is filled with steamy hot water…!

Full ofuro set for switzerland

Like in a typical japanese onsen (hot spring), on one side are the showers/faucets to wash the body before entering the soaking tub.
Once installed, this will really look like an original japanese setting with a view of the swiss alps!


Hinoki wood tub K grade (knotty) w/2 internal seats
Dimensions are: L1500mm x W1500mm x H680mm (ext. dim.) 600mm (deep) –
The bottom of the tub is finished with a copper apron and the joints are realized with wooden dowels.
Accessories include a wall mounted spout, a traditional cover, a large duckboard and stools/buckets


The two benches can seat at least 2 people for each side!


detail of the wooden spout. The lid is openable for maintenance and cleaning

asnaro and hinoki

What is the difference between asnaro and hinoki wood?

* hinoki: white/pinkish, with a delicate lemon scented aroma. more expensive. more delicate (because it is lighter). Japanese are crazy for hinoki because of its “pure” image.

* asnaro: nice honey color. It has a stronger forest aroma. 20% cheaper than hinoki. Easier to maintain (because is slightly tanned and because contains more hinokitiol oil). Popular for export for its color and cost-performance.

Please refer also to our hottub product page

outlet tubs

Are your outlet tubs new or second hand?

Our outlet tubs are brand new, spotless tubs that were wrapped in poliethilene sheet from the very day they were completed.

An outlet tub is about 20% cheaper of a custom order tub with the same size/material.
This does not mean in any way that those tubs are faulty or old.

Most of our outlet tubs originate from 2 cases:

1) The tub was custom ordered and the client either canceled the order or asked for a size/shape modification that required a new start.

2) The tub is made optimizing some material we have in stock, in most cases left over from a larger job. We can define the sizes of the tub based on the length of the material we have – minimizing the loss – as opposed as cutting longer planks as we have to do for a custom order tub.
Secondly, we produce sizes easy to build, in most cases with a width around 75cm to minimize the necessity of a top frame border.
Lastly, we can work on a free schedule, between one job and the other.

This are the only reasons our outlet tubs are affordable and the core concept of our double-smile system: you are happy, we are happy too …!

ofuro installed in Australia


This is a beautiful picture of a tub we made a couple of years ago.
The scenery from the window is breathtaking!
Also, the owner collected with patience and refined taste many other japanese items (we helped with supplying the lighting fixtures and door knobs) to create an authentic interior.

tears of light in japan

Dear friends concerned about the 3/11 quake in japan, let me share with you a webpage.
It is called Northeastern Pacific Ocean Earthquake Reconstruction Project – Support page
But I especially like the section called Murmurs, messages, words. which is constantly updated on the top page.
It collects testimonies, messages of encouragements sent by tweeter or other instant messaging services. They are words of hope and heartwarming short poems, tiny but real gems in the mud of the tsunami.
here is the link:

Let me translate a few:

Yesterday my 2 year old son wend to the door and started to wear on his shoes. What are you doing? – I asked. I am going to arrest (capture) the earthquake – he answered.

When Chubu Electric Power stated they will transfer a part of the power to the troubled Kanto Electric, my grumpy father who usually keeps the TV, heater and lights of the ground floor on all the day, started without a word to unplug all utilities. I was a little touched seeing him do so.

Japan s great. Also the private sector officials, in trying to help everyone.
I heard that even the Yakuza is giving availability to several trucks to transport goods to the Tohoku region. Until recently I was not proud to be a japanese. But Japan is a great country. I’m honestly impressed. Fellow japanese, let`s do our best!

A child was lining in front of me in the convenience store. He was buying some candies but when he got closer to the register and saw the donation box, slipped his 500 yen inside and went back to the shelf to return the candies. The clerk said “thank you” and his voice was trembling

Working part-time as a waiter. The shop was almost full and when the earthquake happened, we had them evacuate for safety. I started to think “today we had many eat-and-flee customers” when one by one almost all clients come back to pay the bill. The few people who could not return, come back today purposely to set their bill. Japan is a great country!

People who lost everything not only need compassion. They need a reason to smile.
I will add some more later on.

hinoki tub in osaka

Here are some pictures of a tub installed in a private residence near Osaka.
It is actually a new building designed by Torrini.

110320y-sink.jpgHere is the powder room with tatami-like vynil tiles.

110320y-bath.jpgThe bathroom has no-slip warm-touch gres tiles produced by INAX.

110320y-shower.jpgThe ledge is in marble and the wall upper section is finished in hinoki wainscoting.

110320y-inside.jpgPerfect for contemplating the sea-view from the window!

sobbing and smiling over the earthquake

We continue to receive many kind emails of condolence, empathy, encouragement.
Thank you for this heartful thoughts, the japanese need it.

We appreciate your concerns, but do not worry too much, the japanese will stand again.
There is a beatiful and simple okinawan song composed over the second world war and the heavy toll of civil lives. The title is HANA (flower). As it is stated in the refrain:
nakinasai warainasai itsu no hi ka itsu no hi ka hana wo sakasou yo.
Come on, Cry! Come on Laugh! One day, one day, let`s make the flowers bloom.
-Listen here-

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