outlet tub with bench

The sawara wood bathtubs trend continues with another fine grain tub made with the gentle orange cypress.
See the previous outlet tubs on the explanation why sawara is a trend.

As we often receive the request to upgrade outlet tubs with an inner bench, this time our Ikeda-san decided to offer this tub at outlet price and already equipped with the bench (removable type)!

Here are the specs:

L1100mm x W700mm x H670mm (external dimensions) 580mm(deep)
material: knotless natural Sawara wood
options: removable internal seat
drawing: sawara-tub-with-seat-outlet-sketch

1) AB grade tub (quatersawn) : 345,000. JPY
2) Packaging: 130x90x87cm plywood box: 33,500. JPY
3) transportation: to be quoted
(please let us know your exact address: we will provide a quotation before you purchase the tub)
-> contact me at japan@bartokdesign.com for any question.